Culture and politics

The soul of a country is its culture; the rest is only the result of this, and their moral and ethical values are rooted in the culture.
The situation that this living Spain is of an intolerable severity. It is an scandal the frivolous way the most pressing topics are treated. «If so far I have not done well, from it is not known on what date I will start doing it impeccable». «Now you go away and when I’ll aarrive I will do miracles» How much useless verbiage!  And in the meantime what happens and will happen to the values that sustain a society? But someone with a serious training may believe that the problems of the crisis which we are experiencing can be fixed with only economic, social reforms by cutting the ambitions of bankers or jailing the corrupts?
Who are those unscrupulous individuals who pollute all the strata of our society?. Where were they educated? Who and what «values» were them presented? What literature did they read? What music did they heard? What painting and sculpture did they looked? With what were they entranced? Where was their ability of ENTHUSIASM according to the Greek concept? There is the root of the deep crisis affecting not only Spain but throughout the whole the West.We are debating endlessly about our politicians and their «measures»; about whether this one or that one about whether this or that and we leave out of our dialogue deeper topics: culture, values, and what brings us closer to them: education and art in all its manifestations.

Purging between what really is education and art and what is mere trash, by clicking balloons of certain media groups that onli look their own interests.

La música tiene mucho que decir en este campo. Un debate no, muchos debates son necesarios sobre este y otros temas de igual calado pero seguimos mareando la perdiz día tras otro con lo mismo: que si tu, que si yo; yo? Y tu más. Así vamos al desastre total

The music has much to say in this field. Not one debate, many debates are required on this and other topics of equal depth but are still going arround the bush day after the other with the same things: you, me; me? no, your more… So we’re going to total disaster

Francisco García-Rosado