Il Trovatore. Verdi. Buenos Aires

Opera in four Acts
Music of Giuseppe Verdi
Libreto of Salvatore Cammarano and Leone Emmanuele Bardare
Teatro Coliseo de Buenos Aires
Representation from July 1, 2013
Verdi composed Il Trovatore at the time that was shaken by the death of his mother. Perhaps for that reason the character of the Gypsy Azucena has acquired the level of depth that the composer gave him, since, apart from the place that the argument assigned García Gutiérrez, in which this opera is based, the musical treatment that assigned Verdi is the most interesting of his production.
The Buenos Aires public could applaud the version of Il Trovatore which arose as a closing of the summer Italian cycle in Buenos Aires, and to benefit the Italian Board of Trustees and its Asissted, an artist who knew how to make justice to the role, serving it with uncommon media and a commitment to laudable.
Anabella Carnevali is a dark mezzo soprano with dyes almost contralto, with a wide flow, impeccable phrasing, good Center, secure acutes and a stage presence that knows to galvanize attention. Debuted the role of Azucena in Buenos Aires, after her very interesting Ulrica in Rosario last year, and showed such mastery of the role that received the most closed ovations of the night. We hope her career continue nurturing of hits and continue giving us such enjoyments.
Haydee Dabusti, on her side, wore her merits in Leonora, with a voice of pleasant timbre and good phrasing, but sounded somewhat demanded in the top notes, gave us beautiful moments with her aria «D´amor sull ali rosee…», the famous Miserere and her participation in the final scene.
The count of Luna de Leonardo López Linares was a test of the qualities already often applaud at the Arena of Verona and other Italian venues. He sang with authority and an exquisite line, showing its splendid Verdi baritone, secure treble Bell and nuanced phrasing.
Juan Carlos Vasallo was somewhat below his peers and certainly this Manrico faced last-minute replacement for Gustavo López Manzitti, will not be among the functions for the memory. His values, he has them and many, appeared very once in a while in a very uneven performance.
Juan Pablo Labourdette debuted the role of Ferrando, which seems to us very young still. Its timbre does not today have depth which requires the role and although he fulfilled his task with enthusiasm, did not showed particularly.
Well Melina Biagetti and Duilio Smiriglia as Inés and Ruiz.
El choir of the IMMA under the direction of Maestro Armando Angel Garrido had a very lackluster performance, particularly in the male voices, falling on more than one occasion in painful imbalances and lack of filling.
The Orquesta Sinfónica Municipal de Avellaneda showed once again its limits, which failed to improve the expert baton of Maestro Mario Perusso who opted for a profusion of fortes which suffocated the singers too much in the end.
Eduardo Casullo schematic scene created only some interesting light moments, although constant colour changes were little plastic and conspired against the creation of climates.
A real shame was the failure in the electronic subtitling during the function.
Buenos Aires midnight found us happy of having enjoyed the genius of Verdi even two hundred years after his birth.
Il Trovatore opera in four acts
Music of Giuseppe Verdi
Libreto of Salvatore Cammarano and Emmanuele Bardare
Theatre Coliseum city of Buenos Aires
Funcion from July 1, 2013
Manrico… Juan Carlos Vasallo
Cont of Luna… Leonardo Lopez Linares
Leonora… Haydee Dabusti
Azucena… Anabella Carnevali
Ferrando… Juan Pablo Labourdette
Ruiz… Duilio Smiriglia
Ines… Melina Biagetti
Coro of IMMA Director Armando Garrido
Orquesta Sinfónica Municipal de Avellaneda Conductor: Maestro Mario Perusso
Scene dirección and lighting… Eduardo Casullopor
Prof. Christian Lauria
Traducción de: María Garcia-Rosado