Julia Bauer, sopranoJulia Bauer, soprano

La soprano Julia Bauer debuta el papel protagonista en Lakmé de Léo Delibes en la Opéra de Lausanne.
Lakmé :  Julia Bauer

Puesta en escena:  Lilo Baur
Dirección musical : Miquel Ortega

Estreno el 4 de octubre de 2013
Otras representaciones los días 6, 9, 11 y 13 de octubre 2013
Opéra de Lausanne/www.opera-lausanne.ch

Su última grabación de la “ Mujer silenciosa” de Richard Strauss, ha sido muy alabada por la crítica internacional.

-Julia Bauer’s great achievement on this recording is her seemingly effortless combination of both technical brilliance and dramatic expressiveness. Her voice is extremely agile, flexible and well controlled,-she is admirably accurate  even in the most florid writing -but she also has a marvellous grasp of the emotional range of Aminta.
Internacional record Guide, Nigel Simeone.

-Seemingly untroubled by the extensive range of her part, tossing off brilliant high notes with ease, Ms Bauer sings with the unwavering grace of an expert straussian.  Such musically and dramatically complete performance of Strauss roles are sadly rare, so  Ms Bauer’s performance is a special gift to lovers of Strauss’s opera.
Voix des Arts: A Voice for the Performing Arts throughout the World, Joseph Newsome.