La Zarzuela Theatre. Christmas Concert Review.

Madrid, La Zarzuela Theatre.
Christmas Concert. Extracts from Zarzuelas writen by various authors. Comunidad de Madrid Orchestra. Conductor: Cristóbal Soler
There is no better concert to begin Christmas in Madrid with than the one arranged by the Zarzuela Theatre. With pieces composed by Chapí, Chueca, Serrano, Barbieri, Caballero and Calleja and leaded by Master Cristóbal Soler, the resident Choir and Orchestra exhibited pure esplendour like they rarely had before. The conductor developed sparkles, cheerfulness and propper brilliance.
It is worth mention the remarkable performance of the Soprano  Milagros Poblador with theromanza from the Calleja´s «País de las Hadas» which allowed her to show her beautiful voice and great skill for such a difficult piece. Such a great singer.
The audience which full-filled the theatre replied with great applauses and cheering which were answered back with several encores and great grace. Basically a great success.

Francisco García-Rosado