Mutti in Teatro Real with Donizetti’s Don Pascuale.

Attention to two articles published by the newspaper El Mundo, signed by Rubén Amón.
Muti confirms splendid things such as: «Donizetti exhibited a human drama. It makes smile, don’t laugh. «There is a background of bitterness and tenderness that it is obligatory to preserve, but happens, influence of Germanic stage directors have become a kind of vaudeville comic Don Pasquale and has distorted the original message!.»I would like that the opera would return to be what it was in its cultural nature, far from exhibitionism and frivolity. We live times in which the superficiality and the image have devoured the reflection. Every time we see more and hear less. Even when you’re in an opera, the music acquires the value of a more or less marginal soundtrack».Regarding Verdi, he indicates that he is disapointed by «dramaturgical aberrations and the ignorance with which the avant-garde regisseurs arbitrarily destroy the Verdi essence». (this may apply to opera in general)
With these criteria is not surprising that relationships between Muti and Mortier to be, let’s say, not very cordial.
It has no waste.
Francisco García-Rosado


Traducción: Mª. Garcia-Rosado