Piotr Anderszewski. Piano. Madrid )inglés)



Piotr Anderszewski. Piano. Madrid

TRIPLE PIANISSIMO great interpreters cycle. Foundation Scherzo. National Auditorium of Music. Madrid.

The last of the concerts offered by the Foundation Scherzo 28 may 2013 was conducted by Piotr Anderszewski, one of the most recognized names in all the world, who gave away us this time with a delicate workmanship, sample of his talent and work.
The program, as it could not be otherwise, began and ended with J. S. Bach, and more specifically with the third of the English Suites and fifth French Suites. Both shone through a great implementation of clean phrasing and precise attack that highlighted especially the exquisiteness in the nuances of the Loure of the French Suite. However, the Dim stage lighting – a custom which ever is more than fashion-, attached to an acoustic intensity perhaps too measured, led to that, after a few minutes, the initial romantic aura vanished between darkness and silence  to an extreme intimacy that, paradoxically, not helped the public to connect with the interpreter.
Do Mayor Fantasy of Schumann brought us out of that brief dream since Anderszewski deployed a great energy and a brilliant technique thus preparing the mood to hear the expected Janacek.
Perhaps our expectations in this work were too high and these perhaps encouraged the brilliant interpretation of the former part, but the truth is that the long-desired Janacek was occasionally flat dynamically speaking.
Finally, and in conclusion, the interpreter gave us with the Sarabande from the first of the six Partitas for piano of Bach in which kept identical tone than in previous parts.
The concert was splendid, although in our opinion a camera room, would have been more appropriate as where those 19th-century salons. This would have allowed to fully enjoy the intimacy and closeness that screams the delicate interpretation of Anderszewski.

Esther Viñuela
Traduccion al inglés: María Garcia-Rosado