Ponchieli La Gioconda Critic


Roma Opera Theatre

Gran Hispanic Festival of OPERA

With the Master Pizzi production, of large format and beauty, that was already view at Teatro Real of Madrid, this opera was presented; appearing shortly in schedules due to  the requirement of 6 singers of first row plus a Grand Class couple of ballet.

The Rome Opera featured a cast magnificent and balanced. Gioconda was the Portuguese-Spanish Elisabete Matos that sang beautifully, with intense highs, regulators, pianos and as many requirements as the role demands. The Spanish-Venezuelan noted tenor Aquiles Machado embroidered the role of Enzo Grimaldi. This singer is in a sweet moment to the point of being regarded as one of the greats in his rope. His sang was high class. The role of Laura was extraordinary sang by mezzo Ekaterina Semenchuk who made a genuine creation. A powerful and beautiful Alvise rounded the great bass Roberto Scandiuzzi, with much presence in Spain.

The blind was performed by Elisabeta Fiorillo, master in this and other roles as actress and singer. And Claudio Sgura baritone recreated the character of Barnaba with beautiful subtleties giving to the role all the evil that requires.

The choir was good but with some mismatch. And fantastic the dancer Angel Corella accompanied by Letizia Giuliani. They collected the biggest applause and ovations.

Master Roberto Abbado conducted with energy and finesse creating the required atmospheres.

Triumph despite the known coldness of the Roman public.

Elisabete Matos. Elisabeta Fiorillo. Aquiles Machado. Roberto Scandiucci.                             Musical Conductor: Roberto Abbado. Scene Director: Pier Luigi Pizzi.


Francisco García-Rosado