Viva The Zarzuela. Madrid

Fernán Gómez Theatre:

The Zarzuela remains very alive as shown by the success that is having the show directed, very effectively, by Luis Olmos . It’s a tour of the most popular arias of Zarzuela simple but very good; with a fast rithm and magnificent Spanish singers.

A very brief scene, very beautiful projections and the piano of Panchi Tamayo, magnificent companion, and a very adequate lighting have succeeded in creating something that is worth to see.

María Rodríguez is  a super artist and professional; always working to perfectionate her vocal instrument. Voice fleshy with ring, with rich harmonics and stage presence.

The baritone Antonio Torres is a great singer with a voice that fills and arrives and a very beautiful vocal color; perhaps requires a little more scenic expressivity.

Julio Morales Super voice, always tuned and with a good phrasing.

Elisandra Pérez Meillán was magnificent as light coloratura. in the following days Silvia De Munch will be on scene.

Finally the dancers couple, Cristina Arias and Francis Guerrero gave a lesson in dance with a beautiful choreography.
Do not miss it.

Francisco García-Rosado.

Traducción: María Garcia-Rosado