Who said Opera is just for the Elite?

   Shakespeare released

Macbeth in 1606. Two centuries after, in 1847, a man called Verdi wrote an

Opera based on the British playwrite´s work.That is what we call a propper

«classic», a play that, despite the time, is still interesting, moreover it

can even get better as time goes by and encourages other artists to redo it

even from different artistic points of view.  The topics Macbeth is developed

around -power, ambition, betrayal- are nowadays as interesting or even more

than in the actual time when the play was written.The Teatro Real will offer

between the 2nd and 23rd of December 9 performances of Verdi´s Macbeth. The

Russian scene director Dimitri Tcherniakov and the Greek composer and

conductor Teodor Currentzis have been in charge of the staging.The British

audience, as oposed to the Spanish one, keeps a less tormented relationship

with their classics and do not hesitate in freely adapting their masterpieces

– even Shakespeare´s- in ways that would be considered «shocking» here.

Britons consider classics are there to perform and experiment with their

work.Despite not being British, Tcherniakov follows that line having, for

example, turned the witches in the play on «eveyday real characters, just

normal people» able to «tempt, handle and play» with the main character.We

were determined to start using our press pass and get tickets, but Gerard

Mortier´s words -El Real´s artistic director- have pushed us a step back.

«The staging has been created for an inteligent audience».Dammit… we can

not go anymore.