Interview with Teresa Berganza


The Teatro Real of Madrid pays tribute to the mezzo-soprano Teresa Berganza Friday 21 June with a gala conducted by Alejo Pérez, which will feature a suprise repertoire, to celebrate the 80 years of the madrilenian artist.

Days before this evening, mezzo-soprano has held a meeting with several journalists, in which she has revealed some secrets of her life, she has confessed what her great passions are and she was outright confirming that she does not regret of anything.

Berganza has pointed out that one of her features, insecurity, has been precisely the motor that has led her to be»better every day». «Perfection does not exist, but we look for it. Not feeling self secure has made me find more colors in my voice», she said.

Despite her doubt of her qualities, she points out that when she now listen her records feels «happier» than then. «I’ve been very demanding, but I don’t care, because it has no way back,» jokes.

«Usually she assist to a psychologist two days per week, but admits that then she gets bored and thinks: «continue until the last moment, as you are, there is no reason to change».


Her best role? No doubt: «My children». At the professional level, she stop making Werther, because she lost her «voice». «Alfredo Krauss told me: ‘ Teresita, do not get too emotive this Werther is tremendous. It is a role that you should be very careful’. Alfredo was right,» she points out.

Berganza cannot stop speaking proudly of her greatest feat: her children. Having them has been what it has had more impact in her life. «The most beautiful moments that I have experienced have been the three times that I’ve given birth. Never not even singing, I’ve had an emotion as large as when my children left my womb and I’ve taken them», said.

But the best decision, apart from having children, has been singing, although she was not actually decided so. «I studied piano and they said that I was a very good pianist, but not. I did not made the decision to sing, I got to sing because life put me there. Suddenly I was singing in the world», she said.

While stating that she was «very crazy», so much that her little granddaughter said her grandmother was «the most beautiful, young and crazy one», points out that her head is «on its place». » I’ve never done what my voice could not do, I’ve never forced to sing roles that couldn’t,» indicates.

In the musical aspect she feels satisfied and sais: «It is harder to live than to sing». She tells, she passed the life frim the aircraft to the hotel, from the hotel to the theatre, studing hours and months, for then return home by plane. «My children have passed days and hours in hotel room, but they at least had her mother,» she indicates.

«Sacrificed life? I do not like parties. I don’t drink because I get dizziness and heavy eating Makes me feel bad. I’m very home like» concludes the mezzo-soprano.

Traducción al inglés de: María Garcia-Rosado