Wind (Is the joy of love)

La Zarzuela Theatre. Madrid

Thanks to Paolo Pinamonti and his team, the La Zarzuela Theatre in Madrid is taking an important role. Within its varied programming has restored the Baroque title of José de Nebra, Wind (is the joy of love) that was premiered in Madrid on November 28, 1743. It’s almost a mythological environment opera loves and desires of three couples with happy ending.

The musical importance is obvious with a score full of nuances and beautiful music that is heard with pleasure that it was well performed by the Baroque Orchestra of Seville – though its form may be slightly outdated – and the choir holder in good shape.
The director, Alan Curtis led to good rhythm representation but lacked resiliency to music that calls everywhere, resulting rather monotonous.

Yolanda Auyanet, Canarian soprano, met in a magnificent manner its role of Liriope. A voice clear, with beautiful harmonics and ductile within a repertoire that is not his usual.
Cefiro was portrayed by Clara Mouriz uneven but effective ring at the edge. Love was embodied by Beatriz Díaz with fair means and an interesting voice. Delfa, Ruth Gonzalez; Marsyas, Gustavo Genaro; and the nymph, Mercedes Arcuri were at the height of the requirements.
All the actors were good in their respective roles and interesting ballet although excessively gymnastic and too much presence. The production of Andrés Lima was very plastic with a beautiful setting and inspired, but had nothing to do with music. Practically two different showsand separate. On one side of Nebra magnificent music and its history, and by others the scene.The audience applauded and enjoyed

Francisco García-Rosado

Traducción: María Garcia-Rosado